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[audio][ffs115] high life vs. disthroned agony - deconstruction - high life vs. disthroned agony
VS album between High Life & Disthroned Agony. You love noise? Grab it!
Keywords: noise; harshnoise
Downloads: 665
[audio]7 way split - Brutal penetration
V.A. noise & harsh
Keywords: noisecore; harshnoise
Downloads: 349
[audio]Dada Rape Pop Stars - Kalimayat
Harshnoise track by Kalimayat. Http://www.myspace.com/kalimayat
Keywords: noise, harshnoise, experimental
Downloads: 151
[audio]False Sense of Sanity - Humanity Demo - False Sense of Sanitry
First Release by False Sense of Sanity. Harsh Noise. http://www.myspace.com/insanechill http://www.myspace.com/earblastingrecords
Keywords: Falsesenseofsanity,HarshNoise,EarBlastingRecords
Downloads: 12
[audio]77.2 - Astma - Identity EP - Astma
harshnoise, Astma, 77industry
Keywords: harshnoise; Astma; 77industry
Downloads: 121
IZUMI GUNJIhttps://www.facebook.com/izumi.gunji?fref=tshttp://disk-3.jimdo.com/
Keywords: Harshnoise; Japanoise; Guitar-Noise
Downloads: 2
[audio]Phone Field Recording 1 - nhdiystrec
Equeutage et pluie enregistre avec un telephone portable zte f160
Keywords: field recording; nhdiystrec; harshnoise
Downloads: 48
[audio]Phone Field Recording 3 - nhdiystrec
Enregistre avec un telephone portable zte f160 Warning high dynamic level ......
Keywords: field recording; nhdiystrec; harshnoise
Downloads: 18
[audio]Morgane Desbeet tape discography - nhdiystrec
the first 12 tapes release by morgane desbeet , harshnoise from 11 split tapes + 2 full lenght tape . feel free to download , share and so on !
Keywords: harshnoise; nhdiystrec; morgane desbeet
Downloads: 119
[audio]Noise Machine & Slave Of Pain "At War With War" (Split) - Noise Machine / Slave Of Pain
Harsh-Noise Vs. Thrash-Metal
Keywords: Harsh-Noise; Thrash-Metal
Downloads: 79
[audio]Phone Field Recording 2 - nhdiystrec
Trajet retour train ter Bourg En Bresse / Lyon enregistre avec un telephone portable zte f160
Keywords: field recording; nhdiystrec; harshnoise
Downloads: 37
[audio]Enxame - A Cúpula - Enxame
Primeiro álbum do projeto brasileiro de HNW Enxame.
Keywords: HNW; Harsh-Noise; Noise
Downloads: 28
[audio][DNR09] Noise Machine & Angustia (Split) - DreamNoise Records
Harsh-Noise bursts eardrums of both artists
Keywords: Noise; Harsh-Noise
Downloads: 26
[audio]Poteryannaya Gorla - Poteryannaya Gorla
currently no description for this item on English
Keywords: harshnoise.russianharshnoisewall.poteryannayagorla
Downloads: 179
[audio][NQA075] Doki Doki - Pleasure Of Pain Box Set - Doki Doki
The Pleasure Of Pain box set from Doki Doki. Contains all three Pleasure Of Pain albums and a bonus music video.
Keywords: noise; experimental; freestyle; harshnoise
Downloads: 1,396
[audio][TFN073] Noise Nazi vs. Fbrz - No Title Split - Noise Nazi vs. Fbrz
Artist: Noise Nazi vs. Fbrz Album: No Title Split Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN073 Style: Harshnoise Tracks: 01. Noise Nazi - Social Automation Technology 02. Fbrz - Nothing http://myspace.com/trashfucknet http://last.fm/label/TRASHFUCK+NET http://last.fm/music/Fbrz http://last.fm/music/Noise+Nazi http://www.myspace.com/fbrz031 http://www.myspace.com/noysenazee
Keywords: Harshnoise; Noise; Electronic Manipulation
Downloads: 2,177
[audio]Weed's change - COJAA
Every living being arrested and excluded from social contact tends to addiction! Not the addictive drug, but the freedom that it brings, the perception of what life is actually (in the case of some of them) Influenced by marijuana, in conscientious consumption and used in the practice of meditation in order to achieve nirvana!
Keywords: Noise; harshnoise; Darkambient
Downloads: 7
[audio][DNR13] God Pussy - Apartheid Póstuma - DreamNoise Records
Harsh-Noise project from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) led by Jhones S.Das inquestionáveis guerras governamentais e religiosas, inúmeras mortes, fatos desastrosos, vidas interrompidas sem o menor sentido, tudo isso se resulta na hipocrisia da sociedade desde os tempos mais antigos até os dias atuais. A visão que temos é de um futuro completamente violento, as coisas tomaram rumos piores que os atuais...Qual o valor da sua vida?
Keywords: Noise; Harsh-Noise
Downloads: 34
[audio][DNR10] Noise Machine & Arseterror (Split) - DreamNoise Records
Noise Machine makes a fucking and senseless harsh-noiseArseterror makes a powerful and overwhelming harsh-noise
Keywords: Noise; Harsh-Noise
Downloads: 66
[audio][DNR08] Noise Machine & Pomba (Split) - DreamNoise Records
Brazilian Harsh-Noise Split
Keywords: Noise; Harsh-Noise
Downloads: 256
[audio][DNR19] Noise Machine & Dental Work (Split EP) - DreamNoise Records
Brazilian Harsh-NoiseUS Harsh-Noise
Keywords: Harsh-Noise; Noise
Downloads: 89
[audio][DNR01] Noise Machine - Disturbing Sensitive Ears [Version 2013] - DreamNoise Records
First Release Of DreamNoise Records.Noise Machine Plays Harsh-Noise
Keywords: Harsh-Noise; Noise; Industrial-Noise
Downloads: 83
[audio]77.33 - Stirner - Electrosmog - LP
Stirner, Electrosmog, 77industry, harshnoise
Keywords: Stirner Electrosmog 77industry harshnoise
Downloads: 110
[audio]Noise Machine & AjaxFree (Split) - Noise Machine / AjaxFree
Total Harsh-Noise Attack !!
Keywords: Harsh-Noise; Noise; Power-Electronics
Downloads: 208
[audio]V. A. Dissonance From Hell - God Pussy
Compilação lançada pelo blog Dissonance From Hell. Reunindo diversos projetos ligados a cena experimental brasileira.
Keywords: Harsh-Noise; Drone; Noise; HNW
Downloads: 66
[audio][NQA017] Disthroned Agony - Self Titled EP - Disthroned Agony
Buy the whole CD at the NQA website. $6 USD for the CD and shipping/handling included. CD-R contains over 20 minutes of the whole song encoded to higher quality. E-mail for details: dj_redskeye@Yahoo.com
Keywords: harshnoise; japanoise; power electronics; technoid
Downloads: 418
[audio][NQA068] Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK - Part 2 Of The Super Split - Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK
Part 2 of the abstract noise double album split from Perpetual Amnesia and RedSK.
Keywords: abstract; noise; experimental; harshnoise; ambient
Downloads: 244
[audio][DNR15] Gvnnerskunt - ST - DreamNoise Records
Brazilian project that develops a raw black metal with noise influences.
Keywords: Black-Metal; Noise; Harsh-Noise
Downloads: 11
[audio][DNR05] God Pussy - Live Performance [ Laboratório Sônico] - DreamNoise Records
God Pussy em uma grande performance ao vivo no evento Laboratório Sônico.
Keywords: Noise; Harsh-Noise; Tupiniquim-Noise
Downloads: 79
[audio][Hujan003] AKU - Pangandaran - AKU
CAT# : Hujan003 Type : EP Artist: AKU Album : PAngandaran Style : Noise,No-Wave,Experimental AKU is an unintentional project that was organized with the concept “free your self as a shit onto the record spontaneously”.It was organized by Fathan Fitriadi Goenandar(The Crowded Room/Neonlight Daydream/Kishy) and several friends as the subjects.
Keywords: Hujan003; Harshnoise; Experimental; AKU
Downloads: 647
[audio][NQA067] Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK - Part 1 Of The Super Split - Perpetual Amnesia vs. RedSK
Abstract noise soundscaping from Perpetual Amnesia and RedSK. Part 1 of double-album split.
Keywords: harshnoise; noise; abstract; ambient; experimental
Downloads: 365
[audio]Noise Machine & Kwashiorkor - Dueto de Barulho [Split-Tape '98] - Noise Machine / Kwashiorkor
Rare Split-Tape Released in 1998
Keywords: Harsh-Noise; Noise; Power-Electronics
Downloads: 36
[audio][NQA063] Doki Doki & Ruby - Rubens Split - Doki Doki & Ruby
Tasteful noisey drone/subtle ambient noise split from Doki Doki and Ruby.
Keywords: drone; noise; harshnoise; ambient/noise
Downloads: 1,662
[audio]Noise Machine/Escatófilo/God Pussy - 1964-1985 (3 Way) - Noise Machine, God Pussy, Escatófilo
3 way lançado originalmente em cd-r. Apresentando 3 grandes artistas da cena harsh-noise brasileira. Noise Machine (Bahia), Escatófilo (São Paulo) e God Pussy (Rio de Janeiro). Trabalho conceitual sobre os tempos da ditadura militar no Brasil.
Keywords: Harsh-Noise; Noise; Power-Electronics
Downloads: 158
[audio]Crowhurst - Transmission - Crowhurst
The first track off of Crowhurst's second album 'Space Race'
Keywords: drone; noise; ambient; dark ambient; harshnoise; soundscapes
Downloads: 16
[audio]K2 - HA GA NE preview - k2
New album of japan artist K2 is avaible on CD, edition of 250. www.triangle.abgurd.com
Keywords: noise; japanoise; harshnoise; k2; triangle
Downloads: 153
[audio]MAAAA - Satan Edge (2008)
Harsh noise with droning black-metal touches.
Keywords: noise; triangle.records; maaaa; harsh-noise; russia
Downloads: 33
[audio]Ace EP
XlosmouX - Swiss Noisegrind Album: Ace EP
Keywords: noisegrind; noise; harshnoise; harsh; raw; grindcore; xlosmoux
Downloads: 25
[audio]SLP-Journey To The North - SLP
Journey to the North Pole is a wonder - it seems as classical noisy loops and delays, but one realizes its expertly woven emotion into a dreamy story where sometimes you loose yourself in hypnotic state, other times you are brought back to surface to remember you are here and now, listening to a person performing. A wonderful set of three complementary arrangements. Journey To The North Pole, A Window Kept Closed For Too Long and Destruction Tapes are all 15 minutes and over journeys into exper...
Keywords: drone; harsh-noise; noise; GentleJunk NetLabel; SLP
Downloads: 52
[audio][DNR04] Noise Machine, Misantropskia, Reator04 & Devilwork (4 Way) - DreamNoise Records
4 Projetos da cena noise nacional reunidos em um único trabalho. Barulheira pra todo lado.
Keywords: Noise; Harsh-Noise; Power-Electronics; Industrial
Downloads: 34
[audio][TFN081] RedSK + Re-Killed - RedSKilled Split - RedSK + Re-Killed
Artist: RedSK + Re-Killed Album: RedSKilled Split Year: 2008 CAT#: TFN081 COLLECTION: Black & White Era Style: Harshnoise, Live Electronics, Experimental, Trash Noise Tracks: 01 RedSK - Piss Driven 02 RedSK - Fart
Keywords: Harshnoise; Live Electronics; Experimental; Trash Noise
Downloads: 661
Keywords: shitcore; shit dance; industrial; neofolk; noisecore; harshnoise
Downloads: 213
short harshnoise sets shot in various location by LordxGonzo
Keywords: harshnoise; belfort; lord; gonzo; lordxgonzo; noise; 90
Downloads: 11
[audio][NQA070] Doki Doki - Guitar Noise (Broken Guitar) - Doki Doki
The most amazing guitar-noise albums I've ever heard. Dead fucking serious, pure genius in this piece. You've just got to listen to it.
Keywords: guitar noise; harshnoise; noise; noise rock; noisecore
Downloads: 1,055
[audio][NQA065] Gayhouse - Former Core Employee - Gayhouse
Fun anti-rhythms and industrial glitch noise from Gayhouse, debuting at NQA.
Keywords: industrial; harshnoise; gabber; anti-rhythm; glitch
Downloads: 675
[audio][NQA080] VA - The MOST GOODEST SLSK Noise Room Comp - Various
This comp was kind of a last minute project. Half of it at least. It was originally intended to be done by BRR and RedSK. RedSK had one half of the comp, and BRR had the other half. But, BRR was a douche and fucking lost the tracks the weekend before the release-date. So RedSK scrambled to get new artists and new tracks together for the comp without much choice as to the quality of the music. Anyhow, enjoy, it's not that bad.
Keywords: harshnoise; experimental; industrial; glitch; power electronics
Downloads: 699
[audio][AAR00007] Kirill NIKTO NE SMEET - 3 clubs - 3 trax - Kirill NIKTO NE SMEET
Artist: Kirill NIKTO NE SMEET Release: 3 clubs - 3 trax Genre: CLUB DANSE MUSIC, HARDBASS, HARSHNOISE Format: mp3
Downloads: 10
[audio][NQA009] Retrovirus - Homoterrorism - Retrovirus
Nearly 3 minutes of lo-fi wet harshnoise!!! Enjoy!
Keywords: harshnoise; wet; lo-fi; industrial; gay; shit
Downloads: 265
[audio][DNR16] Enxame & Ultimo Mondo Cannibale "Cannibalistic Maquinery" (Split) - DreamNoise Records
Enxame = HNW from BrazilUltimo Mondo Cannibale = HNW from Canada
Keywords: HNW; Harsh-Noise; Harsh Noise Wall; Noise
Downloads: 35
[audio][NQA091] Damno Te - Titans In Greece+++ - Damno Te
Damno Te completely remixed the "Titan - A Compilation For The Greeks" comp, originally released on Titus Records. Damno Te has since closed down the label and remixed this compilation with the permission of the origial artists. An excellent listen with lots of variation. A definate recomendation in my opinion.
Keywords: noise; harshnoise; industrial; power electronics; powernoise
Downloads: 231
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